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Monsters V Heroes: Victorian Nightmares

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Heroes and monsters fight to death in the streets of Victorian London! Meet Van Helsing and Sherlock Holmes, Vampires and Imps, Queen Victoria and the Baker Street Irregulars, in this thrilling mash-up of Victorian mystery and horror stories.At the start, each player takes a secret faction card: “Heroes” or “Monsters”. During the game, a player can either play a card from his hand or draw a new card. Each card represents a character with a special skill that you can use in your favor: Dracula can control the forces of darkness. Van Helsing can destroy the undead. Frankenstein’s monster can run havoc. Unique characters have extraordinary powers, but don’t underestimate the help you can get from Brave Young Men and mysterious Dark Ladies...The game ends when the last card is drawn. Then, each player reveals his faction and count his points. Each card will give you “darkness” points (if it is a Monster) or “light” points (if it is a Hero). To win, you must try to gather the right characters, matching your secret faction cards, while trying to keep the opponents in the dark about your true allegiance.Monsters Vs. Heroes is easy to learn and fun to play. Each 30-card deck includes 18 different characters. “London After Midnight” includes two different decks which can be combined to play with up to 8 players.2-8 playersAges 13+15+ minute play timeContents:2 decks of 38 cards eachRulebook