Lumineth Realm-lords

The Lumineth Realm-lords were created by Tyrion and Teclis, the aelven gods of light. 

Together, the gods of the aelves would create a variety of new aelven races, each intended to surpass the glories of Ulthuan and Naggaroth of old. Some, like the Idoneth, were forsaken, wretched creatures, soul-scarred by their imprisonment within Slaanesh. Others, like the Daughters of Khaine, bore strange and shadowy new abilities. The most stable of the aelven races, however, were the Lumineth.

As Tyrion and Teclis drew more souls from Slaanesh, they found their abilities enhanced, capable of recreating aelves that were whole and hale. Lumineth – proud pioneers, warriors and artisans – were created in vast number. However, in their eagerness for companionship, Tyrion and Teclis had ignored the darkness at the heart of their new creations.