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Right at home, heh, heh, at the edge of the village or the end of the moors, this fine example of Victorian architecture still stands today. Although rundown, the structure is still sound and would be rehabilitated if it wasn't for that unsavory story... The perfect prop for games investigating...
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Home to a person of great class and taste, the Doyle Manor stands proudly in the center of a sprawling estate. Is this the home of your rich patron, now mysteriously missing, the center for a league of unusual gentlemen, or the lair of some undead fiend? Doyle Manor will feature in game after...
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The ancestral home of the family Loup deep in the forest of northern France. The chateau burns warmly with candle light as dusk settles. Surely, it is one's imagination that wolves sound as night gathers round? The Loup Chateau roughly covers 7 & 1/4 by 7 & 3/4 inches and rises 8 inches to...
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