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Nothing has else has changed. Same Phone number, same staff, same great service for over 20 years. Update: December 17, 2020

Preorders & Backorders: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused most manufacturers delays or disruptions in their release cycles. If you have placed a preorder, you can be sure that we will do everything we can to accommodate that order. Preorder information will be updated as it becomes live to us and each individual item is updated. If you have placed onto preorder any item and you have a concern, please feel free to contact us so we can address the issue, and hopefully resolve it.

Shipping concerns and COVID-19: Due to the massive strain the COVID-19 pandemic has put upon the USPS and shippers worldwide, shipping of items purchased through our webstore may experience delays. Weather disruptions may cause further delays for some areas of the country. If your shipment is more than 30 days old, and you have still not received your items, please call or contact the store in some other way so we can address the issue. We do ask to please be patient. Most orders we receive are shipped within 24 hours of receipt.