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Kibble Scuffle

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 Kibble Scuffle is a tactical card game of area control to try and get the best food for your feline friends.… and they all need to eat. Clash their personalities in fun and exciting ways to feed them kibble and win the game. Using the game box as a cat food box to store the food cubes, players take turns placing their cats and resolving their abilities. For example, the Pounce Cat removes a cat at a bowl. The Greedy Cat eats two food cubes. The Mangy Cat forces another cat to move away from their bowl. Once there are 5 cats at any food bowl, the feeding (scoring) phase begins, followed by a new round.  With cards like the Robo-Vac and Laser Pointer, you can use toys to strategically distract your opponent’s cats. Once a player reaches 20 points, the player with the most value of food cubes eaten at the end of the feeding phase wins.


  • 4 x Player Decks of 20 Cards Each
  • 5 x Advanced Cards for Each Deck
  • 55 x Food Cubes
  • 3 x Food Bowl Tiles