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HMS Dolores

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Merchant vessels traveling by sea have successfully been used to carry exotic goods between nations for hundreds of years. Seafare is not only the fastest and most efficient way for the transport of goods, but it also exposes the citizenry of trade-rich nations to novel and fascinating new products. Merchants willing to brave the risks and send their ships out to discover, trade, and deliver cargo to other nations can reap these sizeable financial rewards. Unfortunately for these merchants, they have more to worry about than the tempestuous seas or navigational mishaps. Several enterprising individuals have banded together to waylay these merchant ships and seize the cargo for themselves! In HMS Dolores, a fast-paced card game designed by Eric Lang and Bruno Faidutti, players take on the roles of these rival shipwreckers, competing to recover as much loot as possible from the shore-bound wreckage of the Dolores.