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WILL YOU MIME COCKTAILS?WILL YOU HUM FAMOUS DUETS?WILL YOU TALK ABOUT FICTIONAL VEHICLES?WILL YOU DRAW PIZZA TOPPINGS?HINT is the party game where your teammates must guess what you’re trying to hint at! Play HINT to take a hint, give a hint and, if you’re really good, steal a hint!HINT is about hinting to your teammates what YOU know. You can hint by talking, drawing, miming, or humming. The better you are at hinting, the faster you can advance. But be careful about wild guesses, because there are things you are NOT allowed to guess!4+ playersAges 14+45 minute play timeContents:450 cards1 card wheel1 cover sheet2 playing pieces1 whiteboard1 pen1 cloth1 90-second sand timer1 sticker sheet1 game guide