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Ptolus: GM Screen

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Make the most of your Ptolus campaign and easily breathe life into the setting with quick access to the myriad details that make it so immersive.

Ptolus’s 672 pages are crammed full of incredibly inspiring content—a breadth and depth of detail unmatched by any other RPG product. The book is uniquely laid out, and filled with thoughtful features, to make it easy for the GM to access that information and make every Ptolus adventure a rich tapestry of immersive details.

But it’s still 672 pages. Crammed full of information.

The Ptolus GM Screen puts loads of useful Ptolus info right where the GM needs it. It complements the book’s high usability, making it even more of a joy to run. And for the players, there are four panels of stunningly beautiful Ptolus art to set the mood.