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Infinity: Rulebook (2nd Edition Revised)

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Jump into the future with the new edition of the Infinity rulebook! An impeccable look: a new cover, 232 full color pages with plenty of illustrations and pictures, background information, troop descriptions, complete army lists, complete rules, weapon charts, templates and markers. The Infinity rulebook offers all you need to play and submerge yourself in a futuristic universe of manga aesthetics and action without limits!

After two years in the market, and after selling out the English and Spanish editions, now is a good time to revise the rules. Since the original publication, direct and continuous contact with the Infinity community through the official forums and other media has illuminated areas where rules can be improved and revised. Compiling opinions and impressions from the player base, the rules have been checked and polished to facilitate play without losing any of the fast-paced action. More examples have been added and some rules have been further detailed to improve clarity.

So, what completely new things does this Second Edition offer?

  • New Deployment and Initiative rules have been added, providing more strategic options for combat.
  • Linked with these new rules, the Strategos Special Skill appears, but only for the most brilliant minds of the Human Sphere.
  • A new kind of ammunition, the Double Action (DA) Special Ammunition, which enhances MULTI weapons.
  • A new weapon for Forward Observers, the Flash Pulse.
  • New rules for the different Visibility Zones, and for Multispectral Visors and the Sixth Sense Special Skill.
  • The army lists have been revised as well. The SWC (Support Weapons Cost) of some troops has been adjusted to balance their game role.
  • The Cost of some troops has been modified, while others get new weapon and equipment options.

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