Drennheim Slum A

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Bring your RPG and tabletop wargames into the glory of a fantastical Renaissance with our 3D printed terrain piece, Drennheim Slum A. Created by Wonder Worlds and manufactured by Laser Craft Workshop, the Drennheim Slum A shows not everyone may live ensconced within spacious stone halls and fine finished homes. This piece of the slums looks to have been haphazardly constructed of stripped and split logs. Exterior walls are laid out both horizontally and vertically often on the same face. Meanwhile rugged posts support overhanging rooms. Small diamond pane windows dot the walls, perhaps the one nod to Dennheim's riches. The interior breaks down into a small maze of rooms and alcoves across three levels.

The ground floor takes up 7 by 6-3/4 inches of tabletop. Assembled, the Slums rise 9-1/2 inches to the ridge beam spikes. The Slums breaks down into 4 pieces for interior access and storage. Individual pieces stand from 1-3/4 to just over 3 inches tall.

The 3D printed terrain, Drennheim Slum A, is made under license with Wonder Worlds. Our 3D printed terrain is made from PLA with 0.15-layer height for high resolution and superb quality.