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Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines

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Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines -

Zarakan’s Daemonkin represents the latest Chaos Space Marine Combat Patrol. This assembly comprises a gathering of Chaos Cultists whose deepest desires materialize with 10 Chaos Space Marines, five Possessed, and a Master of Possession. Accompanying this force of 26 miniatures are 10 additional Cultists, while comprehensive rules for their utilization in Combat Patrol games are detailed in the new Codex. Models in the box work for both Combat Patrol and Warhammer 40k. In larger Warhammer 40,000 battles, this force contributes an army totaling approximately 460 points.

In this box:

  • Master of Possession
  • 5 Possessed
  • 10 Chaos Space Marines
  • 10 Chaos Cultists

Models in this box are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

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