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SolForge Fusion

SolForge Fusion brought to you by Stone Blade Games and Richard Garfield (Creator of Magic: The Gathering). SolForge Fusion is the next evolution in trading card games. In SolForge Fusion, you can customize your one-of-a-kind algorithmically generated deck from a pool of over 25,000 possible cards—the strategic possibilities are endless.

Duel against your friends with these four unique decks! No 2 decks are the same. Combine any 2 to play. This kit contains up to 6 different playable deck combinations! SolForge Fusion features over 15,000 unique cars in the 1st set alone! Included in this booster kit: 1 Alloyin Faction deck...
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This Game board will help all players know which of the five lanes your creatures are placed in. It also outlines places for players to keep their deck, discard pile, upgrade piles, Forgeborn cards, and Forge Tokens.
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Become a mighty Forgeborn and duel against your friends with these unique decks! To master the powers of the SolForge is to master fate itself! Included in this starter kit:  4 Unique faction decks of 32 cards each  2 Game Boards 12 Minion Cards 26 Mini Tracker Cards  2...
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