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Chaos Space Marines: Codex

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Chaos Space Marines: Codex -

The Heretic Astartes reemerge onto the battlefield with an extensive new Codex, encompassing everything necessary to deploy the Chaos Space Marine Legions in Warhammer 10th edition. This 160-page Codex provides a comprehensive treatment of these veterans of the Long War within the Era Indomitus, offering eight distinct Detachments and 48 datasheets, thereby facilitating a diverse array of forces for your gaming experiences. Whether your preference leans towards commanding an elite cadre of hate-driven Astartes, leading hordes of frenzied cultists, or marshaling degenerate throngs of daemon-infested creatures, myriad options are available.

Furthermore, the Codex offers substantial Crusade rules, enabling the expansion of your forces in thematically diabolical manners. Additionally, it includes Combat Patrol regulations tailored for Zarkan’s Daemonkin, alongside a stunning display of intricately painted miniatures, extensive lore, and a single-use code to unlock all content within Warhammer 40,000: The App.

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