CATAN - Starfarers 2nd Edition 5-6 Player

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Adds up to two additional players to CATAN – Starfarers for an even more epic race to explore and settle the galaxy. This extension not only adds new player pieces, motherships, and additional space sectors, but also introduces the mysterious alien civilization — The Travelers. Players can strike up trade alliances with the Travelers to benefit from their super- natural powers!
Additionally, the new Pilot 1/Pilot 2 turn-taking system ensures that players stay more engaged by allowing building and moving in between active turns.

2 motherships
8 cannons
8 boosters
8 freight pods
14 colored balls
20 fame medal pieces
12 number discs
40 resource cards
46 player pieces
3 new space sectors
3 new markers
2 new special markers
5 new friendship cards
14 new overview cards
1 sticker sheet
1 rule booklet

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