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Astra Militarum: Rogal Dorn Battle Tank

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Astra Militarum: Rogal Dorn Battle Tank

Larger than the Leman Russ but smaller than the Baneblade this is the new Rogal Dorn heavy support tank! Like all other Astra Militarum tanks this tank can be equipped with a wide variety of weapons. For the Main turret weapon you have the option of a twin battle cannon, or an oppressor cannon with a co-axial autocannon on the side. Options for your hull mounted weapon are a castigator gatling or a pulveriser cannon. If that isn't enough guns for you than you have the option to add side-mounted sponson guns with the options of a pair of heavy bolters or multi-meltas. Lastly there are optional forward mounted heavy stubbers or meltaguns. That is a lot of guns! To top it off this kit comes with a variety of cosmetic bits to customize and make your Rogal Dorn your own!

This kit includes 171 plastic components and an Astra Militarum Vehicle Transfer Sheet, with 475 transfers.

 This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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