Cyberpunk RED Combat Zone News

Welcome back to the Combat Zone! This week CMO Games received a restock of the tactical miniatures game, new playmats, and many packs to miniatures to expand your crew. Check them out below!

2-Player Starter

Moving from the night markets to regular retail, Cyberpunk RED: Combat Zone returns to CMO Games. Each 2-Player Starter contains all you need to get started with your Combat Zone conquest as the Tyger Claws or Maelstrom.

Game Mats

New release! Printed on 2mm Neoprene, these double-sided game mats set the scene for your miniature or RPG battles. One side features “Cyber City” with a neon lit crossroad. The other depicts the “Docks” with industrial concrete pad and markings. Choose from 22×30 inches for close skirmish actions or 44×30 inches for larger conflicts.

44×30 inch mat shown.

Expansion Packs

Build your gang, or populate your RPG’s streets, with a variety of character packs. Each contains 3 to 4 miniatures and the cards you’ll need to add them to games of Combat Zone. Choose from 12 different sets

Chopped for Time premieres with Obsessed Paparazzi, Fiona Hayes, Solo Noodle Chef, and 6 character cards.

Dunce If You Wanna performs with Tomfool, Finale, Centwit, and 6 character cards.

False Flag features a Daring Tech, Influential Fixer, Solo Bodyguard, and 6 character cards.

Foolproofed clowns around with a pair of Fools, Dunce, and 2 character cards.

Glitching News reports from the Zone with Media Drone Pilot, Hackette, Media Drone, 4 Character cards, and 1 Program card.

Law Dogs calls on the K9s with an Officer, Max, K9, and 6 Character cards.

Take up Irons hits the streets with 3 Scrubs and a Character card.

The Beat meets those scrubs with 2 Rookies, a Tactical Response Rookie, and 2 Character cards.

The Cub Hunts sets out to prove themselves with 3 Shateis and a Character card.

Share The Message with a Combat Tech, Exec Manager, Electronica Rockerboy, and 6 Character cards.

Underfoot Urchins spoil the best run op with 2 Shredders, a Lookout, and 2 Character cards.

Finally, the Wall Crawlers creep out with the CRaB Lord, 3 CRaB Drones, 3 Character cards, and 1 Program card.

Check back next week a a rundown on releases and restocks at CMO Games!

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