Games Workshop Preorders in January

The New Year is here. With it, GW’s December drought comes to an end and completely new minis start rolling out! Here’s what’s coming and when.

January 6th New Releases

The 6th launches with Necromunda. We have both Apocrypha Necromunda and the Palanite Enforcer Taurus Venator in the store. Many preorders have already shipped! Due to Games Workshop’s trade terms we can’t ship for delivery dates earlier than Jan 6th. However, we’ve been rolling packages out attempting to hit as close to the date as possible.

January 13th New Releases

Kill Team (especially Kill Team), Tyranids, and Underworlds are all seeing releases on the 13th. We are currently taking preorders. At the time of this writing, demand has already exceeded our allocation for Kill Team! Tyranids and Underworrlds still have stocks available

Kill Team Salvation holds the much anticipated Space Marine Scouts and Eldar Striking Scorpions. Meanwhile the season’s terrain component ships in Killzone Beta-Decima.

Springing from the mass of Leviathan, both Neurogaunts (11 miniatures in a box) and Von Ryan’s Leapers (3 big gants) receive standalone boxes.

Finally, Underworlds welcomes Daggok’s Stab Lads for the Kruleboyz and the Malevolent Rivals Deck (32 cards for any warband) on the 13th.

The Old World January 6th preorders & 20th release

Our Old World preorder page goes live with prices and availability January 6th! Provided the Winds of Chaos blow gently, all the listed items will release on January 20th. The listed products are the only ones available through our trade account. Anything not listed on the page are only going to be available on the Warhammer webstore. Come to us for savings on the big, big, big army boxes, plastic kits, and books. Go to them for metal and resin kits.

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