GW Shipping Delays part 2

Electric boogalo from Games Workshop. Last week GW’s warehouse was closed due to severe weather. While they reopened this week, we have not received any notice of our Old World allocations. Today (1/25) the shop’s owner told us our pick ticket had been generated. We’re expecting the order to leave the Memphis warehouse either tonight or Friday. Given shipping time, CMO Games could receive them by Tuesday (cross your fingers!) and begin packing your orders. Look for your emails indicating your order has been packed and the tracking numbers at that time.

Now, we’re going to have a pair of knock-on effects from this delay.

First, I’ve been told the prereleases for January 27th are also going to be delayed. To quote, “I hate to give you this answer, but it will get there when it gets there.” Trugg, Ionus, and Belthanos will all miss their release date and arrive sometime in the future.

Second, restock orders are temporarily on hold. To be short, until the preorder backlogs get cleared GW will not be processing restocks. If you’ve been looking for something currently out of stock, then you’re looking to at least another two to three weeks.

Thank you for your time and patience,
CMO Games Staff

Update 11/26/24

We have received tracking from GW. We expect the shipment on Monday (1/29) with orders going out the door on Tuesday. To expedite shipping we will begin generating labels and assembling boxes. When labels are created the order will be marked as COMPLETE. However, tracking will not show any progress until pickup on Tuesday.

Thank you,
CMO Games Staff

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