Games Workshop Shipping Delay

CMO Games received the following email from Game Workshop this morning;

“Our Memphis facility continues to experience inclement weather and is closed today. This may result in shipping delays. Our trade team is working, so will still be communicating with you on your normal schedule. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding”

Seeing this, even if GW ships on Friday, we will not see The Old World releases until Monday, January 22nd. If they remain closed, then we’ll be pushing well into the middle or end of next week. The shipping delay may have knock-on effects with next week’s releases as well.

We’ll update as we get more information.

Thank you,
CMO Games Staff

Update 1/19/23
Got the following from GW just after I left for the day;


Due to inclement weather, our Memphis facility has been closed for several days this past week. As a result, your Old World order will not be arriving in time for launch. We know these orders are important to you and your customers and they will be prioritized once our warehouse reopens.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.”

So that makes it official, The Old World won’t be here until some time next week. Depending on when they get to our order, we’re estimating arrival at CMO Games anywhere from Wednesday to Friday.

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