Now Available at CMO Games

Now Available Dungeon Degenerates – Hand of Doom

Voted best blacklight cover of 1972!

Take the part of a band of desperate criminal adventurers escaping from the dungeons into the wilds of Würstreich. There they face a surreal, damaged, demented dark-fantasy world of swords, sausages & sorcery! The world becomes würse and würse as the Hand of Doom approaches warping the world around them.

Illustrated in mind-bending neon colors with hundreds of unique illustrations Dungeon Degenerates – Hand of Doom is on sale at CMO Games.

Now Available Blade Runner – The Roleplaying Game

Too much lens flare to see tears in rain.

recently reordered, Blade Runner – The Roleplaying Gamer Core Rules. Free League’s lavish hardcover treatment of 2037’s LAPD features incredible detail, artwork, and intricate mechanics replicating the setting. Expand upon the Starter Set with more character options, setting details, and cases beyond simple retirements.

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