Return to Dark Tower and VtM RPG Releases

New releases for a New Year!

Return to Dark Tower

Officially licensed, Return to Dark Tower Fantasy Roleplaying brings the iconic setting of the board game to your tabletop roleplaying group. Utilizing 9th Level Games polymorph system the RPG features fast action, pulp-inspired storytelling on a modern RPG chassis. Players will find themselves questing across the lands, raising armies, and uncovering ancient lore. A campaigns culmination finds the players laying siege to the Adversary and the Dark Tower itself.

Return to Dark Tower Fantasy Roleplaying core book
A 208 page hardback, Return to Dark Tower Fantasy Roleplaying features color art through out and a gorgeous gold-stamped cover art.

The Adversary Screen
Full-color, double-sided, gold embellished GM screen with all the important charts and information for running your Return to Dark Tower games.

The Player Tower
The ultimate reference and accessory for Dark Tower gamers, The Player Tower assembles into a 16 inch magnetized dice tower. Included in the tower are an 8-die polyhedral set, Haggle die, and full color tokens, character sheets, and reference cards.

The Kickstarter version Return to Dark Tower board game is still available at CMO Games. The core book contains a guide to using miniatures, tokens, and realm map in your games.

Vampire the Masquerade

Fall of London
A complete chronicle for Vampire the Masquerade (5th Edition), Fall of London sees the coterie at a pivot point of Kindred history. Set against the fiery backdrop of the Second Inquisition, the characters actions will determine the fate of a god and see the end of London’s Kindred society. This is the Renegade Game Studios printing.

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