GW Preorder’s Rolling Thread #1

Includes new preorders for January 27th

Hi everyone! Today we’re starting a new set of rolling threads for GW preorders. Each will cover the newest preorders available before moving on to the current releases.

January 27th Age of Sigmar Preorders

The latest releases for Age of Sigmar become available for order at 12:01am on January 13th. This week focuses on three large centerpiece models previously released as part of Dawnbringers launch boxes. Now they’re getting standalone box sets. This week’s preorders include Thrugg the Troggoth King, Ionus Cryptborn, and Belthanos First Thorn of Kurnoth.

Releasing January 13th
Kill Team, Tyranids, and Underworld

This Saturday reveals a triple threat of goodness for multiple game lines.

New plastic Aeldari Striking Scorpions and Primaris-sized Space Marine Scouts arrive in Kill Team – Salvation. Not only in high demand for Kill Team, the Salvation teams work in regular Warhammer 40,000. A matching set of terrain debuts with Kill Zone – Beta-Decima. Battle high above the polluted waves of this Mechanicus world.

At this time we have sold through our allocation of both Salvation and Beta-Decima. Please check back next week as we attempt to get a restock.

Leviathan spews forth more monstrosities with the release of Neurogaunts and Von Ryan’s Leapers. Both kits of Tyranids first appeared in the Leviathan box set. The Leapers have subsequently appeared in the Starter Set and Ultimate Starter Set. This weekend marks their first solo deployment.

Wrapping this weeks releases are Daggok’s Stab Ladz and the Malevolent Masks Rivals Deck for Warhammer Underworlds. Daggok’s boyz represent Kruleboyz with kunnin’ tabletop play. Meanwhile the Malevolent Masks provide new and experienced players with a deck of cards usable by any warband.

Releasing January 20th The Old World

This huge January release returns Warhammer to the Old World. Demand has far exceeded expectations and most of the planned releases are already sold out. Check the heading title above for remaining stock.

Once again, we’ll restock as best we’re able after the release, so check back in the following weeks.

Thank you for making it through this week’s GW Preorder rolling thread. Stop by next week for the newest order window and release schedule.

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