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Scattered Tombs across Tamriel are filled with the remnants of the distant past. Low level magic keeps braziers lit and torches burning, but in the land of Skyrim the flickering light illuminates unique treasures -and untold dangers. Sarcophagi enclose sleeping Draugr, as likely to crumble as to rise again. Funerary urns glint with possibility, while burial pots contain the earthly wealth of long dead kings. 
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The Legions has fought and won many battles. Its most successful soldiers thrive in the cauldron of battle, tempered by the fires of warfare and conquest. Led by the inspiring Vexillarius, the Legion’s Veterans are some of the toughest fighters in the entire Mojave wasteland. Scouting elements and hound masters with vicious mastiffs discover and pin down the enemy, ready for Praetorian guard to move in for the kill up close.
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3 28MM RESIN MODELSEagles– A flying beast unit with a Fast 8 movement and the Flies rule, an Eagles unit can fight in melee or at range with dropped rocks. Their low resistance makes them susceptible to enemy attacks. Eagles can be used to quickly flank an enemy force or to act as an accompanying unit to a mounted Sachem.
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WZK 86274
HeroClix is the world's leading pre-painted miniatures game, and there's no better way to get started playing than the WWE HeroClix: Superstar Shake-Up WWE Ring 2-Player Starter Set!
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