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Dragon Ball Super

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is a collectible card game featuring characters spanning the entire history of the Dragon Ball franchise! Launched in 2017, the game features simple but deep rules that let you experience the fierce battles of the series firsthand!

Iconic Giant Characters in One Box!
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Dragon Ball Super: Gift Collection [GC-01]
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The Mythic Booster is filled with rare and valuable reprints of cards from Promos, Draft Boxes, Expansions, Starter/Expert Decks, Theme Boosters, and pre-Unison Warrior Series boosters!
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Useful cards from previous sets come back in Alt Art designs! Long-awaited Draft Box 04 cards and more reprints essential to the latest meta environment are coming back with alternate art designs! This time will include various designs like last year’s ever-popular ink wash painting, and brand new cel-brush artwork that fans and collectors won’t want to miss!
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Dragon Ball Super: Ultimate Deck 2022 [BE20]
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Dragon Ball Super: Unison Warrior Series 8 Pack (1)
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Featuring warrior groups from various eras, including the [Cooler's Armored Squadron] ! Including many cards that recreate famous scenes in both design and gimmick!
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"**PREORDER** - estimated release date: June 3, 2022
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