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Argent Saga

Argent Saga is a two-player trading card game where players build their own decks and take the role of a Champion in the world of Argos. Argent Saga was designed at a trading card store by players like you. Argent Saga features personalized decks, players face off against each other sending forth powerful Units and casting devastating Spells, all in an effort to take control and protect the Elemental Towers, which give power and keep balance to Argos.

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In Argent Saga, players take on the role of a Champion who leads an army of Units and casts powerful Spells to destroy their opponent’s five Towers of Power and ultimately taking over the sixth tower, the Argent Tower.

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$99.75 $74.99

Join the battle with 5 unique Champions as you play through their journey full of struggle and hardship.

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