Pre-orders for the Adeptus Mechanicus releasing June 6th, 2020

May 31, 2020 Mark Games Workshop
Warhammer 40K: Psychic Awakening - Engine War Psychic Awakening - Engine War is a  104-page hardback expansion and is the next release in the Psychic Awakening series. Psychic Awakening - Engine War is the biggest book to date and an essential purchase for every Adeptus Mechanicus collector. Warhammer 40K: Psychic Awakening - Engine War contains extensive rules updates for: Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Knights, Chaos Knights and Chaos Daemons. Warhammer 40K: Adeptus Mechanicus - Tech-Priest Manipulus Adeptus Mechanicus - Tech-Priest Manipulus is nne of the default Adeptus Mechanicus HQ choices. Adeptus Mechanicus - Tech-Priest Manipulus kit includes 2 alternate heads and 2 weapon options. Available previously as part of the Kill Team Theta 7 Acquisitus set,...
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Operations update

May 14, 2020 Mark General News Age of sigmar,, Warhammer40k
Covid-19 certainly took its toll on the game industry. Forcing many local stores to temporarily close their doors. One of our industry giants, Games Workshop, also closed and stopped shipping restocks to independent retailers. We quickly sold out of many things and had no ETA on when they would return to stock. Fortunately, Games Workshop has reopened and started shipping restocks, though at greatly reduced capacity. The best way to stay informed about restocks is to join our email list. We also use this email list to solicit preorders for new GW items. With their super short window, getting this information ASAP is a must.
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