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by Mark Cracco

In May of 1999 was started as a new online store of Tabletop Games, including card games, board games, role playing games, and miniatures games.

We spent about 6 months building, tweaking and testing a makeshift site that was barely better than just text on white space. E-commerce was in it's infancy and there was a lot of things to figure out and no wise old man with the answers.

Over the next few years we grew at a steady pace. During this time a new thing call pay per click advertising was born. A company called Overture enabled us to put text link ads on yahoo search results. This turned out to be the catalyst that would propel us to new heights in eCommerce,

In July 2003, Games Workshop enacted a policy banning the sale of Games Workshop products online via a shopping cart. The only acceptable method was to force customers to call, and place their order over phone. We complied with policy.

Fast forward to 2017. GW removes this policy and returns to allowing Games Workshop product to be sold online by independent retailers.

We realized our shopping cart was quite of outdated and at the point in its life cycle where we should do full upgrade instead of patches.

We also realized our name,, was kind of dated and probably should be updated and building the new cart was a great time to also move to a new domain name.

CMO Games is born.

We are still the same staff that has been selling games online for 18 years. Still the same operation, still the same great sevice, still the same phone number.

The only thing that has change is our name.


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